Corporate Order Help

Please see the list below for help filling out your corporate order form. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email for assistance – (707) 963-4762 or

NickName: Free form text. Nickname for the shipping address. This will appear in your list of shipping addresses in your account.

BirthDate: The birthdate of the customer. Format is in: MM/DD/YYYY. If the year is 00-29, it will add 20. If the year is 30-99, it will add 19.

FirstName*: The name of the recipient customer. (required)

LastName*: The last name of the recipient customer (required)

Company: Company of the recipient where the package will be shipped

Address*: Shipping address (required)

City*: Shipping destination city (required)

StateCode*: The two-digit state code. For example, California = CA. (required)

ZipCode*: Recipient customer ZipCode (required) 

Phone*: Customer phone number. We recommend that you use the phone number of the recipient. In some instances, the carrier will use this phone number in case of a delivery issue. (required)

Email*: Customer email address. You may use your email address or your recipient’s email address. This email address will receive shipping notifications and tracking info. (required)

isPickup: Indicates whether the order is a pickup order or a shipping order. Format is in: 0 = not pickup and 1 = pickup.

PickupLocation Code: Leave blank if your gifts are shipping. If you are unclear on what to put here, please leave blank and ask someone at the winery.

OrderNotes: Special instructions or notes for your fulfillment provider. This will be viewed by the winery during processing.

GiftMessage: The message that you would like sent with the package. This message will go directly to your recipient.

SKU (1-12)*: The name of the product/gift set you are sending. If you are sending multiple items to the same recipient, add additional items across the same row. (required)

SKUQty*: How many of each item are you sending – e.g. 12 (required)

SKUPrice: Leave blank. Someone at the winery will fill in this column and apply any applicable discounts (i.e. 20% wine club savings)