February is the month to celebrate loved ones!

February is the perfect month to celebrate loved ones throughout the month or on February 14th for St. Valentine’s Day. We have chosen our newly released 2017 ExS Hunt Street Cuvée as the ideal wine for this occasion and have selected a few meal inspirations to pair with it.

The ExS Hunt Street Cuvée was inspired by the first wine that Elizabeth and Spencer blended together when Elizabeth was living on Hunt Street in St. Helena long before they were married or had even considered creating a winery. The blending sessions on Hunt Street solidified their passion for making wine together and now this wine has come to signify an exclusive blend that is far more delicious and enticing than its individual components.

2017 ExS Hunt Street Cuvée is a proprietary blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. A delicious, unexpected marriage of varietals. It is rich and full-bodied with great structure and balance and with a velvety complexity in the long, lingering finish. The Hunt Street Cuvée showcases the art of winemaking in a way that only a nuanced and refined blend can. The reason we blend is to create delicious, distinctive wines that are well balanced, reflect the winemaker’s skill, and of course, are a pleasure to drink.

Because we are always considering the matching of our wine to specific foods and menus, we have provided four suggestions that complement the 2017 ExS Hunt Street Cuvée. Enjoy these mouthwatering pairings with loved ones…all month long!

Charcuterie board
Charcuterie paired with wine is an easy and wonderful meal in itself and encompasses so many different flavors, textures, and colors. Start by placing cured and smoked meats such as prosciutto, dried sausages, and various salamis on the board. Follow with an arrangement of strong cheeses both hard and soft. Try chèvre, aged cheddar, Pecorino Romano, and even a blue cheese. Add olives, pickles, nuts, cut vegetables, sliced baguette and crostini crackers.

The warming soup pot
Winter is a great time for enjoying soups with robust wines. We like nestling in front of the fireplace or wrapped up in blankets on our back deck watching the sunset and eating a warm bowl of soup with crusty French bread on the side. Winter squash soup. Vegetable and lentil soup. Black beans and tomato soup. Chili made with beef or turkey works very well as does a vegetarian version with a variety of beans such as black, cannellini and garbanzo with quinoa and kale.

Classic meals are always a great choice
Grilled meats such as tri tip steak or chicken served with asparagus and oven roasted potatoes. Grilled mushrooms with polenta. Broiled pork chops with wild rice accompanied by a lightly dressed green salad. Red curry lentils with sweet potatoes and spinach. Beef Bourgogne served over egg noodles. Spicy white bean stew with broccoli rabe. Roast lamb. Beef teriyaki. Try pairing these hearty, memorable meals with the robust flavors of our 2017 ExS Hunt Street Cuvée.

Last minute pizza!
Pizza, whether homemade or from the favorite local pizza place with the endless possibilities of toppings make it an excellent and easy choice. We always gravitate towards the classic, Pizza Margherita with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and extra-virgin olive oil. When ordering from the pizza place, we ask for “half baked, uncut” so we can finish it off a home for a just-baked taste and then we top with olives, more cheese and salami rounds.