Dear Friends,

We want to thank you for the outpouring of concern and support over the past few days. The past 72 hours have been unlike anything we’ve ever seen here and the positive wishes and heartfelt sentiments are deeply appreciated.

Right now, our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our employees, grape growers, neighbors, friends and other colleagues who have suffered losses and those who are still threatened by the wildfire. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and to the hundreds in Sonoma and Napa counties who have lost homes and businesses.

We are fortunate to report that our Rutherford property and Tasting Room are safe, as are the winemaking facilities in Napa and Mendocino. We remain closed to visitors, but we are hopeful that we will reopen in the coming days. When we have more information to share, we will post updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We’ve heard from many of you asking for ways to help. The Napa Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) has mobilized its Disaster Relief Fund, originally established in response to the 2014 South Napa Earthquake. Their website offers information on ways to help and current information regarding the fires.

Click Here For Info

If you are coming to the Napa Valley or are currently visiting the area, please stay informed and be safe. The heroic network of firefighters, police officers, emergency personnel, and volunteers working tirelessly to protect our community have been nothing short of amazing. We are grateful for their service and relentless commitment.

If you need to contact us, email is probably best, as phones have been unreliable and we are not fully staffed for regular business.

Elizabeth Pressler, Spencer Graham, &

& the entire Elizabeth Spencer Winery family