There are a few things it takes to be a great teacher; a love for children, a passion for education, and from what we understand, lots of good wine! As an Elementary School teacher and loyal Wine Club Member, Sunny, checks all the boxes. In this blog, he will share with you some of the Elizabeth Spencer wines that make a teacher’s weeknight tick.


Oh goodness, Monday. I’m tired from adulting all weekend but the kids, well, the kids are energized from being out of the classroom. Whoever came up with the concept that Mondays are rough was probably a teacher! Monday is the perfect day for me to treat myself to something special. I need something big and bold to help me wind down, and for that, I love the 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, Mt. Veeder. My honey and I will open a bottle to enjoy while we cook up some easy yet Cabernet-friendly fare, like this Butter-Basted Ribeye with Crunchy Fennel Salad


After shaking off the weekend blues with a tasty meal and some excellent wine, I am walking on sunshine headed into Tuesday. After an easy breezy day of science lab, arithmetic, and a history lesson, I float out the door feeling calm and happy. I want to get home and enjoy a bottle of the 2018 Rose of Pinot Noir on my patio with a beautiful cheese plate


On Wednesday, we have planning meetings, and this inevitably means I will end up with tasks to do that I hadn’t anticipated. Days like this call for wine, and today, we learned about M with the kindergarten class. Mouse, money, meat, these are all M words. Do you know what “M” word we didn’t discuss though? Merlot! The best “M” word around. The 2016 Merlot is the perfect way to end a day of meetings, especially when you pair this super simple Potaco recipe. My wife and I get a nutritious meal and an excellent glass of wine, and our kids are happy, too. 


Thursday. The bulk of the week is through, but it’s not quite time to celebrate. I taught a group of high school students about classic French literature today and began longing for something classic myself. I remembered that I received a 2016 ExS Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast, in a recent shipment and sensed that would do the trick. Boy oh boy, was I right! Paired with this easily prepared scallop recipe, I was in heaven. 


Finally, Its Friday at last! Even though the Thursday wine and food pairing felt like a celebration, Friday is the night we go all out. Friday is the night to crack open something extraordinarily special, my choice this week will be 2012 The Reverend. Bold and elegant, this is just perfect for curling up on the couch with a bowl of Beef and Bacon Stew that was cooking all day while I was at work. Indeed such a satisfying way to end the work week and celebrate the start of the weekend.